We recognise that elements of bondage play a part in so many peoples fantasies,fetishes and sexual lives.

This is a full body massage along with the added elements of your personal bondage requirements. This massage is 100% tailored with you in mind using mild bondage practices. Many people think bondage is a scary and painful practice. This is not the case. Bondage can be beautiful, sensual playful teasing, sexual and orgasmic. Many couples and singles use bondage to spice up a boring love life with out even classing or recognising it as bondage .

I'm not saying they bring out the whips and chains; Bondage can be used in many ways, to restrain someone and brings them to climax with sensual touch, massage or with sex toys. It could be a blind fold,or just having your hands tied to prevent you touching when you really want to.

Some bondage practices heightens the human senses, for example by putting a blindfold on your hearing, sense of smell; taste and touch are heightened to a higher state never achieved with the ability of sight. The result is a completely personal experience, we are emotional beings and no two sessions are the same. Our clients come to me for this pleasure knowing they are in a safe environment with people they trust.

All Bondage Massages are tailored packages to the clients specifications, this help them experience all the fun and excitement that deep down they wish to explore. All you need to do is be open with me and discuss what you would like to incorporate into your massage experience.